Gynecomastia Surgery in Austin

Treatment for enlarged Breast Tissue in Men

The overdevelopment of the male breast, also known as gynecomastia, can cause significant concerns and decreased self-confidence. Depending on the degree of the deformity, the male breast can have enlarged nipples or large excess hanging breast tissue similar to a female breast. Our Austin area gynecomastia patients have noted that this can cause a man to feel embarrassed, and it may affect his personal and professional life.

Thankfully, a man doesn’t have to live forever with this problem. The procedure to correct gynecomastia continues to grow in popularity with men due to its efficient and effective results. Dr. John McFate, a fully trained plastic surgeon in Austin, TX, is experienced in the latest and various techniques to address each particular degree of gynecomastia. Contact us today to get started.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Typically, men of over the age of 16, with a stable amount of growth in the breast but desiring a reduction in the breast, may be excellent candidates for gynecomastia surgery. Patients should be in overall good health, not currently taking any blood thinning medications, and non-smoking.

There are numerous causes of gynecomastias such as medications, drugs, alcohol, liver problems, estrogen and testosterone imbalance, but most commonly there is no identifiable cause. Treatable medical causes should be evaluated by a primary care physician before planning your surgery.


The Operation

Gynecomastia surgery typically lasts 2-3 hours and can be performed under IV anesthesia in our office operating suite as an outpatient or in a hospital setting. Incisions are typically made around the areola and in the underarm area depending on what techniques are required.

Depending on the amount of breast tissue present and excess skin, liposuction with or without direct tissue excision may be performed.

Patients can expect swelling and bruising for a few weeks. Special garments should be worn for several weeks to decrease the swelling and provide a more effective result.

If you’re looking for a gynecomastia surgery in Austin, TX, request a consultation with Dr. McFate today, and determine if male breast surgery is the right procedure to meet your goals. Get started on your new body today.

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