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Breast Implants & Enhancement

Year after year, breast augmentation remains the most popular and commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States. This wonderful and rewarding procedure is also referred to as breast enhancement, augmentation mammoplasty, breast enlargement, and breast implant surgery. Whatever you call it, you can’t argue with the satisfaction of Dr. McFate’s Austin area patients as shown by our breast augmentation patients’ testimonials.

This procedure continues to maintain its popularity for a number of reasons. Almost all patients can undergo the surgery and return home the same day. Recovery is minimal with most returning back to work within 1 to 2 weeks. Patients are happy to receive an immediate gratification from enhancing their breasts.  Sizes can range from a conservative more natural appearance to a significant larger volume depending on the preference of the patient.

Dr. John A. McFate

Austin plastic surgeon Dr. John A. McFate originally trained in Houston, TX, while working with the plastic surgeons that performed the very first silicone gel implant breast augmentation occuring in 1962! He has also had the opportunity of meeting the first patient who underwent this momentous procedure. She is very happy with her original implants in place.

Along with witnessing the history of breast augmentation, Dr. McFate has been trained with the newest cutting edge techniques that continue to improve the overall results of this procedure.  Among the most recent changes are creation of a subfascial pocket for implant placement and utilizing the newest generation of form stable silicone gel implants.

As you begin your process of selecting a plastic surgeon and investigating the details of breast augmentation, there are many terms that may require further explanation. These terms range from: silicone gel or saline, low to moderate to high profile, smooth vs textured, inframammary or periareolar, anatomic or tear drop shape, above or below the muscle, and a host of many more. All of these differences can be overwhelming. These points will all be described in detail, but it is very important to realize after reading all of the information provided the next vital step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. McFate to discuss your unique needs and answer all of your breast augmentation questions.

Is Breast Augmentation Right For Me?

Patients of many different ages and for a variety of reasons represent excellent candidates for breast augmentation. One of the single most important aspects a patient should possess in considering breast enhancement is that they are undergoing the procedure for their own personal reasons and not because of external pressure. Typically, this decision should be one that has been pondered for some time.

What are the reasons for needing a breast augmentation? Some women elect to undergo this procedure because they simply never developed a desired volume. They may wish to improve their self-image and acquire a better fit with their breasts in clothing. There may also be differences, asymmetries, or deformities between the breasts requiring correction. Other women have lost volume over time due to: weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. Commonly, patients achieve enlarging their breasts 2-3 cup sizes from their original size. In some circumstances, a patient may require a mastopexy or breast lift with or without an augmentation. The breast may require repositioning of the nipple and breast tissue in addition to or in place of a breast augmentation. Dr. McFate will perform a thorough consultation and examination to help decide what procedures will help you meet your individual goals.

Breast Augmentation

The Procedure

Essential points that must be present before considering breast augmentation:

  • The decision to undergo the procedure is only a personal decision to help you improve your self-image, not for the desires of anyone else.
  • Not currently pregnant or breast feeding
  • Realistic expectations and consideration of potential risks and benefits
  • Complete breast development
  • Nipple position at or above the lower breast fold (inframammary fold); if not this situation, breast augmentation alone may not provide the best result

The Keller Funnel For Precise Breast Augmentation

What Breast Implants Do I Need?

When the procedure began in the early 1960’s, the implant choices were only between 2 or 3 types. Now, there are numerous. Different manufacturers offer a wide range of implants based on:

Type: Silicone gel or Saline? One point of deciding implant type is age. A patient must be at least 22 years of age or have a deformity requiring reconstruction to receive silicone gel implants. If these criteria are not present, saline implants are the only possible option. Other than these points, there are a number of reasons why one may choose one over the other.


  • More natural feel
  • Rupture or leak may be undetected
  • FDA recommendation of MRI surveillance
  • May require the larger incision for placement
  • More expensive


  • Immediate detection of rupture
  • Increase the risk of rippling or implant show
  • No MRI surveillance required
  • Possible decrease risk of capsular contracture
  • Less expensive

Which One to Choose?

Shape: Round vs anatomic. The volume of a round implant is displaced evenly within the implant and breast. The implant will give the same appearance regardless of any movement or rotation. The anatomic shaped implant has more volume concentrated in the base or bottom of the implant. Think of this shape as a tear drop, and you can understand why the orientation of the implant is critical and must be maintained.

Texture: A smooth texture is most commonly selected. The implant is allowed to move a little more freely within its capsule. With a textured implant, the implant becomes more adherent to the chest causing less movement of the implant. Textured implants, were thought to provide a less fuller appearance in the upper part of the breast and help prevent capsular contracture.  Over time, there has been an association of textured implants with Atypical large cell lymphoma of the breasts.  Because of this, Dr. McFate elects to only use smooth implants in breast procedures.

Size: This is typically measured in milliliters (ml) or cc. Sizes range from just over 100ml to 800ml or larger with a saline implant.

Incision: There are multiple options for incision placement. The most common incision for a breast augmentation is the inframammary location, which is just beneath the bottom of the breast.

Another popular choice is in the underarm area (trans-axillary) to avoid scars on the breast. An incision can also be made around the areola (periareolar), which can be a good option if a concomitant breast lift is needed.

Some Preventive Measures

Finally, candidates considering breast augmentation in Austin, TX, should realize that breast implants are not a permanent solution. Many women can plan on maintaining their implants for over 30 years. However, over time, patients should be aware that implants have the potential to fail (leak or rupture) or become firm (capsular contracture). Aging, breast shape, and volume changes, or a new body image are additional reasons that a person may elect to remove or exchange their implants.

Here at Precision Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to giving patients accurate, professional care, so they can have the quality of life they’ve been looking for. Contact us today for more information on Breast Augmentation.

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