Get to Know Austin’s Precision Plastic Surgery

Precision Plastic Surgery is a world-class cosmetic plastic surgery facility located in wonderful Austin, Texas. We are a family owned and operated, single doctor practice. This means that you will always know who is performing your surgery. Under the guidance of Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John McFate and his team at Precision offers accurate, professional and confidential services to clients from all around the country.

Precision Plastic Surgery has worked hard to ensure that you made the right choice for your plastic surgery clinic. Dr. McFate spends plenty of time with you to understand exactly what your goals are. They will be with you from consultation to helping with the recovery post-surgery. Our team believes plastic surgery is about more than changing your look—it’s about transforming your life.

A New Plastic Surgery Experience

Dr. McFate started Precision to provide Austin and the surrounding communities with a new precisely patient-oriented surgical experience. Many surgical procedures are moving out of the hospitals and into private practices. You can rest easy knowing that we fully have your safety in mind and are an AAAASF certified facility. Having an on-site surgery suite means you are not sharing facilities at the hospital or with other doctors, for better hygiene and safety.

Our new on-site surgical suite where patients can receive our many procedure options. You will also be surrounded by some of the most beautiful outdoor scenery in all of Texas and you can see it all from your room. These suites are also AAAASF certified and must through rigorous safety and health inspections to maintain that certification. Wherever you are in life, we can help you look your best.

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