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Eliminate Arm Fat Permanently

Brachioplasty, or “arm lift,” is a common surgical procedure to correct excess skin and soft tissue of the upper arm. There are many causes for this excess skin, such as pregnancy, aging, and significant weight loss. Whatever the reason, patients can be left with large troublesome areas of hanging skin and fat extending from the elbow to the underarm region.

Dr. McFate, an Austin plastic surgeon, is fully trained in the latest techniques of brachioplasty and arm contouring to produce optimal results. Austin area arm lift candidates can be confident in their surgeon when choosing Dr. McFate. Contact him today to schedule a consultation, and begin the process of transforming your arms

The Operation

A brachioplasty typically takes 2-3 hours depending on the degree of correction required.  Many times the procedure combines liposuction along with removal of skin and soft tissue.  An incision is made along the inner aspect of the arm.  Some of our arm lifts in Austin, TX, are performed as an outpatient procedure in our Precision Plastic Surgery office under IV anesthesia. Other times, the procedure may be performed in a hospital setting.

Occasionally, a patient may require only a small area of correction primarily in the under arm area.  This procedure is referred to as a mini-brachioplasty or mini-arm lift.  Patients can expect reduced operative time, quicker recovery time, and smaller scars.

Afterwards, the arms wills be loosely wrapped in special dressings.  Patients can expect soreness and swelling for 1-2 weeks.   Patients should avoid any strenuous activity that will elevate the heart rate for two weeks.

Request a consultation today with Dr. John McFate at Precision Plastic Surgery in Austin, TX, to help decide if a brachioplasty or mini-brachioplasty is the right procedure to improve your upper arm contour and meet your individual goals. Your journey could begin today.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Patients with excess skin of the upper arm from the elbow to the underarm area may be excellent candidates for a brachioplasty.  Generally, patients should be in good health, non-smoking, maintain a stable weight, and have reasonable expectations.

Patients should be willing to accept a scar along the inside of the upper arm that can sometimes be visible with short sleeve clothing.   A patient can expect to have a decreased size and smoother contour of the upper arm and under arm region.

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