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Reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles

Aging is inevitable, but thankfully there are ways to slow down the process.

Botulinum toxin, or Botox, injections represent the most common plastic surgery procedure today. Echoing the rest of the nation, Botox in Austin, TX, is an enormously common and popular procedure.

Over-animation of the facial muscles in the forehead, above the nose, and around the eyes can lead to deep wrinkles in the skin. These deep lines from the muscle action may also cause a person to look unduly angry, tired, or aged.

Botox paralyzes the muscles that cause these wrinkles, leaving you with a more youthful looking face. Austin area cosmetic surgeon Dr. John McFate will ensure through discussions and consultations that your Botox procedure is tailored to your individual needs.

woman smiling


A person with deep wrinkles above the nose and between the eyebrows, an area called the glabella, is a common candidate for botox. Likewise, lines present in the forehead and lateral areas around the eye (crows feet) while the face is relaxed are effective treatment areas with Botox.


After a consultation with Dr. McFate, he will help you determine a plan for you to meet your individual goals. A treatment with botox can be performed in the office on the same visit. Dr. McFate’s Austin Botox patients have noticed—and reported—that the procedure takes around 15 minutes and results will be seen in 3-5 days.

Patients can plan for results to last 4-6 months before requiring a repeat treatment. In addition, you may also be a candidate for a dermal filler. Dr. McFate will help you determine which injectables are appropriate for your needs. Contact us—or peruse our website—to determine which injectable is right for you.

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