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The Precision Team



Sarah Schneider, CMA Practice Manager

Sarah Schneider, CMA- Practice Manager

Meet Sarah

Sarah oversees your team and the overall visit which entails everything from your first encounter at check-in to the coordination of your continued healthcare with our facility. Sarah is a resource to our team members and is invaluable to our patients. “My number one priority is the patients, and helping them feel at ease, and that they are well cared for (both in person and on the phone). I try to give the patients my full attention and let them know they are important to me.”

Maya Touchstone, Medical Assistant

Maya Touchstone, Medical Assistant

Meet Maya

Maya is our talented Medical Assistant who provides essential administrative support to our patients. She is constantly multitasking and has such great attention to detail. Our office relies on her for a variety of tasks including managing the master schedule to ensure its accuracy, calling patients to confirm their appointments, and making sure our patients have all the answers they need to feel confident about their treatment. We love having her a part of our team.