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Veterans Affairs Patient-Centered Community Care (VAPC3) Program

Precision Plastic Surgery is honored to be part of the Veterans Affairs Patient-Centered Community Care Program. The Veterans Affairs Patient-Centered Community Care (VAPC3) Program is a network of high quality healthcare providers and facilities providing care to our nation’s Veterans. This program ensures that Veterans will receive timely, convenient, coordinated care in their local community. The VA makes referrals through TriWest to this network of primary and specialty care providers. TriWest handles the referrals, schedules the appointments, tracks the flow of the medical documentation and pays claims on behalf of the VA and the Veterans.

Precision is also honored to be part of the Veterans’ Choice Program. The Veterans’ Choice Program is for Veterans who have faced unacceptable waiting times for needed medical care, or for whom a regular VA medical facility is inaccessible, the Veteran Choice Program (VCP) will make it possible for you to receive the needed care from a non-VA health care provider in your community.

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