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“Welcome! I would like to thank you for taking your time to learn more about my background and credentials. My team and I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you and providing the care and expertise to help you Precisely accomplish your goals. Please let me know if there is any question I can answer or action I can take to help you have the best plastic surgery experience possible.”


Austin Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Austin Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John A. McFate is fully trained in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery as well as general surgery providing services to Austin, West Lake, Round Rock, Georgetown, and the surrounding communities.

Dr. McFate grew up with his loving aunt and uncle in Irving, TX. He was taken in by them after his mother lost a difficult battle with breast cancer and the passing of his father. These tragic events provided the initial motivation for Dr. McFate to enter the medical field. He attended Nimitz High School where he played football and excelled in academics. Dr. McFate graduated college from Texas A&M University with a degree in biomedical engineering, which provides him with a unique perspective and ability to solve an array of surgical problems with innovative techniques. He graduated from the University of Texas Medical School in Houston where he quickly discovered a love for anatomy and completing technically challenging surgical tasks.

Dr. McFate completed his General Surgery residency spending years of training at Orlando Regional Healthcare and Houston Methodist Hospital. During his general surgery residency, Dr. McFate found his true calling in Plastic Surgery which combined his artistic eye, analytical mind, technical precision, and the opportunity to help patients with a multitude of surgical dilemmas. He was equally intrigued to pursue a specialty that utilizes special surgical techniques for reconstruction of the breast. These particular skills would give him the chance to help women who suffered from the same disease as his mother.

Dr. McFate completed his Plastic Surgery residency at Houston Methodist Hospital. During his residency in Houston, Dr. McFate trained in the largest medical center in the world working with numerous board certified plastic surgeons on a wide range of cosmetic and complex reconstructive cases.

He was also able to learn and operate with surgeons at St. Josephs hospital where the first breast implants were invented, and the very first breast augmentation was performed. Dr. McFate’s extensive training and operative experience has fully prepared him to offer his patients the latest and most effective surgical techniques. Most importantly, Dr. McFate takes great pride in always providing a safe and enjoyable experience to all of his patients.

Dr. McFate is extremely thankful to call Austin his home. He is grateful for the opportunity to raise his family in one of the most unique and beautiful places in Texas if not the country. Dr. McFate feels very blessed to share his life with his family of wife Katie and daughters Annalie and Fiona. He truly enjoys every moment he is able to share with them.

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The Precision Team



Sarah Schneider, CMA- Practice Manager

Meet Sarah

Sarah oversees your team and the overall visit which entails everything from your first encounter at check-in to the coordination of your continued healthcare with our facility. Sarah is a resource to our team members and is invaluable to our patients. “My number one priority is the patients, and helping them feel at ease, and that they are well cared for (both in person and on the phone). I try to give the patients my full attention and let them know they are important to me.”

Cindy Costilla- Receptionist and Esthetician

Meet Cindy

Cindy is our talented receptionist who provides essential administrative support to our patients. She is constantly multitasking and has such great attention to detail. Our office relies on her for a variety of tasks including managing the master schedule to ensure its accuracy, calling patients to confirm their appointments, and making sure our patients have all the answers they need to feel confident about their treatment.
We love having her a part of our team.

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