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As a mother it is so rare to take the time to just focus on yourself. You’ve got lunches to make, practices to attend, projects to help with, and your to do list never ends. Here at Precision Plastic Surgery in Austin, TX we offer Mommy Makeovers and now is the perfect time of year to get one! Mommy Makeovers are designed to counteract the physical effects of pregnancy.

A mommy makeover consists of three procedures. The first is a breast augmentation or a breast lift. During a breast augmentation, an implant is surgically inserted to enhance your natural breast size. If you are happy with your breast size, you may just need a breast lift. A breast lift is a procedure in which your breasts are surgically lifted to more closely resemble the perky, youthful shape you once had. Sometimes you may even require both of these procedures.

The second procedure is a tummy tuck. Unfortunately, sometimes no matter the amount of exercise or diet, the excess skin below the belly button that remains after pregnancy will not go away.  This is because after birth the size of the abdomen decreases but the skin does not ‘spring’ back due to the abrupt change in the size. This is similar in the case of rapid weight loss. During the tummy tuck procedure Dr. McFate removes excess skin and tightens the abdominal structures.

The final procedure is a liposuction. Liposuction focuses on revealing the ideal contours of your body. More than simply removing fat, liposuction articulates your desired definition and shape.

If a mommy makeover is something you’re interested in please contact us and schedule a free consultation with our board certified plastic surgeon Dr. McFate.

You can also view one of our patient’s breast augmentation diary which is a 3-part series showing the consultation, the procedure, and the patient once healed.

Need help with financing or are you flying in from out of state? We have an entire section on our website to help with anything you might need! Resources

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