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In most cases, a breast augmentation yields an effectively permanent result. What this means is that the FDA has approved breast implants for a lifespan of between fifteen and twenty-five years, however there is no real “expiration” date as there are many factors to how long an implant can last.

For many patients, once the implants are in they’re in. Some patients may choose to have their implants removed for a number of different reasons down the road. So the question of how long will your breast implants last is often dependent on personal preferences such as- did you choose saline or silicone implants, what image are you trying to portray and was your surgeon properly certified?


If you had your breast augmentation performed by a surgeon who was not properly qualified, your implants may have been defective from the start and need to be replaced with higher quality implants. Dr. McFate is a board certified plastic surgeon and can help you pick out the best implants for you.

Another reason implants are removed is due to personal reasons. Often as patients age they decide they no longer wish to have larger implants. If a patient wants to have their implants completely removed often times a breast lift or breast reduction is also performed.

Finally, another common reason for removal is a rupture in an implant. A rupture is a tear to the outer membrane of the implant itself. In silicone implants, implants are designed to hold their shape in case of a tear, however saline implants may lead to deflation. If at any time you feel pain or discomfort in your implants you should consult Dr. McFate immediately.


While traveling abroad to have plastic surgery procedures done is common, please do your research beforehand. Often times the foreign plastic surgeons will use sub-prime material as the regulations are not as strict as the guidelines found here in the US. In the US everything is subjected to intensive testing and scrutiny.

Precision also offers a Breast Implant Exchange. To learn more please visit: Breast Implant Exchange.

If you are interested in learning more about a breast augmentation or other breast procedure such as a lift or reduction, please contact us online or call us at 512-598-4013 to schedule your free consultation with Dr. John McFate. To learn more about his credentials visit: About Dr. McFate