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There are many plastic surgeons who perform mommy makeovers that place an emphasis on one procedure over another. That’s not the case with Dr. John McFate, owner and surgeon at Precision Plastic Surgery. To Dr. McFate, the three basic parts of a mommy makeover—breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and body contouring—need to work in harmony, to restore and improve the overall youthful look that the patient desires.


“I’ve always had an eye for detail,” said Dr. McFate. “I bring that sense of aesthetics to all of my patients. It’s all about proportion in the end.” It’s that reason that all three procedures must work together.

  • Breast augmentation/Breast lift—Depending on your desired outcome, you may be a candidate for either a breast augmentation, in which an implant is surgically inserted to enhance your natural breast size, or you may need a breast lift, in which your breasts are surgically lifted to more closely resemble the perky, youthful shape you once enjoyed. Many times a woman may require both. During your consultation, Dr. McFate will help you determine the surgical steps necessary to meet your individual goals. You and Dr. McFate will collaborate on the optimal size and shape in balancing the results you desire with the overall frame of your body.
  • Tummy Tuck—Pregnancy and motherhood do no favors to the tummy, so this is another popular component of the mommy makeover. Unfortunately, no matter the amount of exercise or diet, the excess skin below the belly button that remains after pregnancy will not go away. During pregnancy, the tummy increases in size very rapidly stretching out the skin. Once the baby arrives, the size of the abdomen decreases but the skin does not “spring” back because of the abrupt change in the size. This is similar in the case of a rapid large weight loss, such as after gastric bypass.
    In addition, Dr. McFate emphasizes the tightening of the abdominal structures during the tummy tucks he performs. “With a tummy tuck, not only is excess skin removed, but the abdominal muscles are returned back to their previous position. You need both of these key components to create a smooth and flatter tummy.”
  • Body contouring—Sometimes eating right and being active aren’t enough to get rid of persistent pouches of fat. Body contouring is a catchall term that can include—but isn’t necessarily limited to—liposuction. Modern day liposuction focuses on revealing the ideal contours of your body. More than simply removing fat, liposuction articulates your desired definition and shape.


Dr. McFate emphasizes the importance of anticipating the final results of each of these procedures, especially because they are often performed simultaneously. “In order to get the end result you want, as much as possible, you’ve got to know how it’s all going to work together. I spend a lot of time with patients planning out those final proportions in balance with reasonable expectations. I want to make sure they understand the changes and will be happy with that final look.”

If you’re interested in an Austin mommy makeover, contact Dr. McFate today!