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We’d like to take a moment, in launching our new website and opening our new practice, to thank the Austin area for welcoming us into their community. We’re committed to being great partners to the city and its people, of which we’re now proud to call ourselves members.

We’re launching this site because we’ve opened a brand new practice in Austin, TX—a practice that we believe will bring a new level of elegance and excellence to the cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery available in the area. To us, it’s not just about plastic surgery, it’s about helping our patients live the lives they deserve. “More than just opening a new office,” Dr. John McFate said, “it was a priceless and timeless moment to see family, friends, and new colleagues all come and show their support.”


Leading this new practice is Dr. John McFate, MD, a Texas native and a highly qualified plastic surgeon. He’s well trained and thoroughly versed on enough plastic surgery procedures to cover you from head to toe. But nobody plays Texas high school football without learning the value of teamwork. Dr. McFate leads a great, hand selected team, and we can’t wait to start on this road of community, discovery, and rejuvenation with you.


“Our team had an incredible first day becoming part of the Austin community,” Dr. McFate said. And because we’re now proud members of the Austin community, we’d like to know what you think. This website will have commenting and review functions, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. We use that information to make every experience better than the last.

And like any great host, we’d like you to keep coming back. So we’ll constantly be updating our website with interactive content, from before/after photo galleries to videos and blog posts.

Austin, you’ve rolled out the welcome mat for us. “It was really special to see everyone come to the office from all around the community and make us feel at home,” said Lia, one of our medical assistants. We here at Precision Plastic Surgery, PLLC, are aiming to return the favor. Stop by anytime. We’ll make you feel at home.